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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  November 30, 2009 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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the only road into the facility may not be able to handle the additional traffic. some county leaders suggested it may be willing to offer up some land of its own. >> cut a road straight back to 24 and have the trucks go up 24 and get on 95. this road can't take it anymore. >> reporter: they will be able to build a new burner across from the park. while impacting entire communities in the process. >> we don't have the money to do it and we don't have the state when you're building stuff all around. >> reporter: other county leaders have been reviewing the initiatives. they could be wondering how efforts to produce more clean energy could produce such a
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mess. jeff hager, abc2 news. and jeff says the harford county council will hold a public hearing on the options tomorrow night at 6:00 with a vote scheduled to follow. in anne arundel county police arrest a 17-year-old driving for hitting another teen and then leaving the scene. this happened along the 7900 block in pasadena. police say the teen was standing outside of her parked car when the driver of a gold-colored car hit her and left. eventually police found the mirror of the car involved, then the young driver. she was arrested and charged with a hit-and-run. the girl who was hit is recovering. and now for a look at tonight's top stories: the jury in the mayor's public corruption trial has been sent home for the day. they'll return home tomorrow for a 7th day of deliberations. earlier today, jurors sent the judge a note saying they couldn't come to a unanimous decision on all counts. but then they sent another note
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asking to resume deliberations tomorrow. lawyers for mayor sheila dixon moved tomorrow a mistrial but the judge refused and sent the jury home. howard county students mourning the death of a classmate. 17-year-old steven dankos died in a car crash early sunday morning. police say the driver, 22-year-old david erdman may have been drunk when he flipped his pick-up truck on folly quarter road. he and another passenger were treated for injuries. funeral services for steven dankos are set for thursday morning at st. mark the evangelist church in hyattsville. tiger woods has withdrawn from his own golf tournament after injuries from a car crash at his home in florida. he won't compete again until next year. he put a statement on his website saying he's disappointed he can't be at this week's charity tournament. his decision comes after a
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friday morning crash that left him suffering cuts and bruises. woods escapes a hoard of media seeking more details about the incident. scattered showers throughout the day continue to pull on towards the northeast. heaviest rain from anne arundel to eastern shore. we have a few scattered showers back to the west as a cool front is in the process of dropping temperatures as it moves into the baltimore area. here's your forecast for the next couple of hours. temperatures have already dropped into the 40s in many areas. it'll stay basically there until the early morning hours when the clouds do clear and then we'll drop into the 30s. showers will be ending with patchy fog in the next couple of hours. we'll have the complete forecast coming up in a couple minutes. in washington state tonight, the manhunt continues for a multiple killer. his victims? four police officers sitting in a coffee shop preparing for
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work. almost as shocking as the crime, some say is how the career criminal could have been walking the streets at all. reporter brendon gauge with the latest. >> reporter: shell-shocked officials in lakewood washington try to come to grips with tragedy on monday. >> whatd yesterday was an outrageous senseless act of violence. >> reporter: on sunday, four area police officers were shot to death as they did paperwork at the top of their shifts inside a seattle area coffee shop. authorities named 37-year-old maurice clemens at the suspected shooter. he remains at large. this is video of clemens being interviewed by a local television station on an unrelated story earlier this year. in 1989 he was sentenced to a 95-year prison term in arkansas on several charges. clemens sentence was commuted by governor huckabee in 2000, but was sent back to prison the following year for violating
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parole and releasing in 2004. a prosecutor in the case shakes his head. >> i hope to goodness my worst fears aren't realized and we have four police officers in the state of washington uh, dead at the hands of another person who should have been left alone. >> reporter: huckabee's office says the commutation was based on the board's recommendation. huckabee hasn't ruling outside running for the presidency again in 2008. on facebook, nearly 50,000 people have become members of a group dedicated to those four officers. all day people have been posting their condolences and support for their families. the group is called in the memory of the lakewood officers. the latest now on the couple who crashed the white house state dinner. tonight they're demanding money from television networks to they their story. the secret service is deciding whether to bring criminal
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charges against the two. michel salahi and tareq salahi. it was raining so secret service may have been rushing guests through assuming the company would eventually be checked in, but they never were. >> these people could have had an outstanding arrest warrant for murders, they could have been involved with a terrorist group. >> the couple's attorney has suggested this was a misunderstanding, but the white house says flatly, the couple wasn't invited. the secret service has taken full responsibility admitting they are deeply concerned and embarrassed by the break down. rumors that chelsea clinton got married this summer aren't true. she sent out a letter to friends and family announcing her
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engagement to long time boyfriend mark mezvinski. he's the son of fowl former congressman edward mezvinski. who doesn't want to look and feel younger? they're preying on you on cyber monday. more ahead.
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the week's off to a good start on wall street. the dow jumped nearly 35 points. nasdaq up just over 6 and the s&p rose 4. to your health tonight: want to look at feel younger? we'll let you in on a secret, exercise. dr. tim johnson explains how getting off the couch helps. >> reporter: americans spend billions each year on face creams, nutritional supplements and even plastic surgery in the quest for eternal youth, but the most effective technique to keep your body young may be vigorous exercise. researchers from germany first notice that mice trained to run on a wheel had biological changes that led to healthier
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cells. scientists decided to compare cells from professional track and field athletes to adults who weren't physically active. both groups had the same chronological age, but the cells from the athletes were biologically younger. they had longer telomeres, which are protective caps on the end of dna strands. as we age, the caps get shorter and leave the dna vulnerable to damage. regular exercise helps maintain the caps as we age, previous research on telomere length in twins found that exercise makes cells on average nine years younger. the more active you are, the greater the benefit. all right, from exercise to free money. yeah, there's a church in texas giving it away, but there's a catch. plus: when it comes to saving money, what you should scrimp on and what you should
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never cut back on. we continue to help you during these tough economic times by inviting you to our website, to our financial survival guide. on there today, we'll talk about the president and his push for banks on mortgages here. the administration plan aims to address an emerging problem. it's how only a handful of homeowners are receiving permanent loan modifications. you'll read that story, plus the three dangers of cosining a loan. you can hear from one woman about her disaster with a car loan. we'll see you online. i'm jamie costello. could he sign cosine so what comes to mind when we
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well black friday has come and gone, but today is nearly as important for holiday shopping. this is what's become known as
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cyber monday. josi has tips to keep you s&p if you're shopping online. >> reporter: forget the shopping malls, these days all it takes is a few clicks to find everything you need to check off your holiday list. if you're not careful you might lose spending money on other websites. >> once you put your credit card number in, you're putting your money into a spoofer's hands. >> reporter: the better business bureau says it's a big problem this time of year with so many shoppers using the web. you have to look for red flags. angie barnett says super low prices may be a tip-off the site isn't for real. >> for us, it's a warning sign it could be a bogus website. they're trying to lure you in with low prices. if this price doesn't come close
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to competitors, dig deeper, make sure it is. >> reporter: find out who the website is registered to. make sure their customer service numbers and e-mails work. follow-up if there's a problem. once you're ready to make a purchase, make sure the website address says https. that's a sign the information you're sending is secure. >> doing the homework and not just trusting any site you go to. >> trusting the wrong site at this time of year could put your holiday cash into the stocking of a scam artist. angie also has warnings about buying your gifts through online auction sites and networks. read her advice on our scam alert page on if you want a search tool to find out where a website is registered, find that in links. well, if you're still trimming the family budget to cope with the recession, it may be time to take a time-out. many families are now trimming too much, our consumer reporter john matarese explains why some cuts could end up costing you
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more money in the long run so you don't waste your money. >> reporter: if money's tight it's a smart move to cut back, but some people are going too far and cutting corners where they shouldn't that. . that can come back to bite you. we've all cut back on spending during the tough recession this year. >> you cut stuff out? >> oh yeah, we had to. >> reporter: this is one shopper spending more time at wal-mart these days. >> i'm cutting back for christmas. i'm doing a lot more instead of gifts, i'm doing more practical things like what the kids need. >> reporter: but the wall street journal says it's a good idea to cut back on spending when money is tight, but there are some things you should never scrimp
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on. good places to scrimp include clothing, airfare, magazines, paper products, dvds, cds and video games. women under 35 don't wear pantyhose. . >> we don't eat as much meat, no pork chops, grounds, turkey rather than ground beef. >> that's a healthy cutback, but if you scrimp too much, it can come back to help you. among the places it suggests not cutting back, pots and pans, healthy food, auto and home insurance, tax and legal help, and doctors visits. the wall street journal says google is great for free advice but it is not an attorney, accountable or doctor. and the diagnosis you come up with yourself is often the wrong one. >> as tight as i am, i realize in some cases it makes sense to pay more now and to save a
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couple bucks than get into trouble later. think carefully before you make certain budget cuts so you don't waste your money. i'm john matarese. lots of great news for you beer connoisseurs. sam adams utopia is a 27% alcoholic beer is still legal in maryland. the beer has been banned in 12 states because its alcoholic content exceeds the legal limit. it is drunk by the ounce. this treat will cost you. the limited beer is priced at $150 a bottle and sells up to $500 on ebay. i guess you would have to be a real beer connoisseur to appreciate that. nobody's appreciating the rain today. >> ain't happening with the beer. the rain is in the process of
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moving out of the region. let's look at bwi, our camera right now down to the airport. we've got a plane getting ready to takeoff. you'll see those white lights moving down the runway as had he gets ready to take to the skies at bwi. our temperature at bwi marshall, 45 degrees. 90% humidity. winds remain variable at 5 miles an hour. pressure rising 29.76. as far as what's going on across the region throughout the day today, lots of clouds around early this morning. and then the rain moved in about 9:30, 10:00, stayed with us throughout the day. the rainfall is in the process of moving out of the region as a cool front or cold front that's located through this region right there. continues to push towards our direction. behind that, much cooler air making its way into the region that we'll see. now again, during the day tomorrow, even though it'll be
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sunny, it's not going to feel really a lot cooler because temperatures are going to be in the low 50-degree range like today. tomorrow night you'll feel the real chill as the core of the cool air moves into the region. once the precip gets out of here, we'll have clouds through the early morning hours. we continue to watch the rainfall towards the east. still another little band right here through the baltimore area in the next hour, hour and a half or so. then things will start to break up during the overnight period. right now, trinity lutheran school, jappa, 43 degrees. wind from the northwest at 1 miles an hour. so far today, they've received .17 inches precipitation. courtesy of storm center weathernet. only available on abc 2. the heavy rainfall continues to pull towards the east in the early morning hours. during the day tomorrow, lots of sunshine, but then we have another system heading in our
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direction. by wednesday night it'll bring rainfall into the region. it will be a pretty rainy day on thursday. also along with that rain. we're going to see quite a bit of wind. here's your forecast tonight. overnight low of 35 degrees. breezy and cooler side during the day tomorrow. look at the extended outlook for the next seven days. on thursday the rain continues, 55 as the rain moves out. temperatures will drop off again, we'll see an overnight low the 36 degrees. friday, saturday, sunday and monday, cooler air moving into the weather picture. we've been above normal so far this year, but you know mother nature will catch up with us. we'll be back at 6:00 with more on the weather. as you begin thinking about your christmas list, we're
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asking that you start thinking about others too. one way to do that is through our annual kinder time toy drive. you buy the toys, drop them off and we see they are delivered to less fortunate children across the state of maryland. here are drop-off centers. you can come right here to abc2. 6400 york road. cfg the east lombard street location and york road in towson. the merit athletic club in bear hills. baltimore and anne arundel county fire departments. maryland state police are helping out. the hippodrome and any wal-mart store. drop off the toys now and they'll be distributed to kids in the area on december 22nd. now with a look ahead to abc2 news at 6:00. it is tougher finding a job these days, but one loyola college student has come up with a creative way to get noticed. maryland's comptroller is going back to high school. what peter franchot says all
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seniors should take. those stories ahead on abc2 news at 6:00. when it comes to constipation relief... miralax is the one. it's the one. the one recommended by more doctors. only miralax is clinically proven to relieve constipation with no harsh side effects. miralax is the only one. restore your body's natural rhythm with miralax.
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a piece of arizona is playing a big part in washington, d.c.'s christmas. today they gave the united states congress an arizona blue spruce that will be the official capital christmas tree. it arrived today and stands taller than a 7 story building. the towering tree is supposed to represent arizona's diversity in resources. house speaker nancy pelosi will light the tree at a later date. a texas church handed out a lesson in the spirit of giving.
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grace church handed out $22,000 in sealed envelopes last sunday. the catch? some church members received $6 while others received up to $500. the church wants to promote the spirit of giving and hope they pass the money along to someone in need. local college students take to the streets. why they're protesting constellation energy coming up at 6:00, which starts right now. after a long holiday weekend, there's still no verdict in the trial against mayor sheila dixon. good evening, i'm marybeth marsden. jurors have been deliberating for six days now. no verdict, but there were two very important notes passed today. brian keebler has the details live from courthouse east. >> well marybeth, we'll go at day seven in the deliberations as first the jury indicated it was dead-locked and then indicated it wanted another


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